Achille Pasqualotto

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Phone : 0216-483-3184
Title : Faculty Member
Publications :
Pasqualotto, Achille (2016) "Transcranial random noise stimulation benefits arithmetic skills", Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Vol.133, 7-12 (SCI)
Pasqualotto, Achille and Esenkaya, Tayfun (2016) "Sensory substitution: the spatial updating of auditory scenes "mimics" the spatial updating of visual scenes", Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, Vol.10 (SCI)
Pasqualotto, Achille and Kobanbay, Begüm and Proulx, Michael J. (2015) "Neural stimulation has a long-term effect on foreign vocabulary acquisition", Neural Plasticity (SCI)
Pasqualotto, Achille and Proulx, Michael J. (2015) "Two-dimensional rubber-hand illusion: the Dorian Gray hand illusion", Multisensory Research, Vol.28, No.1-2, 101-110 (SCI)
Pasqualotto, Achille and Proulx, Michael J. (2014) "Mechanisms of short-term false memory formation (Kısa süreli sahte bellek formasyonlarının mekanizmaları)", Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences, Vol.1, No.1, 3-8 (NA)
Pasqualotto, Achille and Taya, Shuichiro and Proulx, Michael J. (2014) "Sensory deprivation: Visual experience alters the mental number line", Behavioural Brain Research, Vol.261, 110-113 (SCI)
Papers in Conference Proceedings
Pasqualotto, Achille, "Approaching sounds dilate the perceived time", 13th Annual Asia Pacific Conference on Vision (APCV), i-Perception, August 2017
Pasqualotto, Achille, "Declarative memory improvement by transcranial random noise stimulation (tRNS) of the frontal cortex", International Conference on Educational Neuroscience, Frontiers , March 2017
Pasqualotto, Achille and Kobanbay, Begüm and Proulx, Michael J., "Parietal transcranial random noise stimulation improves long-term visual acquisition of foreign vocabulary", 37th European Conference on Visual Perception (ECVP) , London, England: Pion 2014, 24-24
Volumes Edited / Special Issues
Pasqualotto, Achille and Dumitru, Magda L. and Myachykov, Andriy, Editorial: multisensory integration: brain, body, and world, Frontiers Media, January 2016