Ayşe Parla

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Phone : 0216-483-9263
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Title : Faculty Member
Education : B.A. in Social Studies, magna cum laude, Harvard University, 1995
M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology, New York University, 1999, 2005.
Work Experience : Sabancı University, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, 2005-present
Areas of Interest : Sociocultural anthropology; globalization and transnational processes; migration policies and state governmentality; citizenship and belonging; postsocialism; undocumented migrant children and access to education; Eastern Europe; Turkey.
Awards :
  • International Research Visiting Award - Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Study, University of British Columbia  2014
  • TUBA- GEBIP (Young Scholar) Award - TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences)  2011
  • FASS Teaching Award - Sabanci University  2009
  • Sylvia Forman Paper Prize for best essay, Association for Feminist Anthropology - American Anthropological Association  2004
  • Dean's Dissertation Fellowship - NYU  2003
  • Dissertation Fellowship - International Center for Advanced Studies, NYU  2003
  • Marianne Lehner Rothe and Florence Edna Rowe Dissertation Fellowship - American Association of University Women Educational Foundation  2003
  • Regional Associate Fellow, NEXUS - Centre for Advanced Study, Sofia  2002
  • Annette B. Weiner Fellowship - New York University,  2001
  • Dissertation Research Grant - Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research  2001
  • Dissertation Research Grant - Social Science Research Council,  2001
  • Feminist Studies Best Essay Award - Feminist Studies (journal)  2000
  • APLA Paper Prize - Association of Political and Legal Anthropology  1999
  • Gender/Area Studies Summer Research Grant - Ford Foundation  1999
  • MacCracken Fellowship, - New York University  1996
  • B.A. thesis honors, magna cum laude - Harvard University  1995
  • Agassiz Scholarship - Harvard University  1991
Memberships : American Anthropological Association American Ethnological Society Society for the Anthropology of Europe Association for Feminist Anthropology
Publications :
Parla, Ayşe and Özgül, Ceren (2016) "Property, dispossession, and citizenship in Turkey; or, the history of the Gezi uprising starts in the Surp Hagop Armenian cemetery", Public Culture, Vol.28, No.3, 617-653 (AHCI)
Parla, Ayşe (2013) "Protest and the limits of the body", Cultural Anthropology Online: Fieldsights - Hot Spots (SSCI)
Parla, Ayşe (2011) "Labor migration, ethnic kinship, and the conundrum of citizenship in Turkey", Citizenship Studies, Vol.15, No.3-4, 457-470 (SSCI)
Parla, Ayşe (2011) "Undocumented migrants and the double binds of rights claims", Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, Vol.22, No.1, 64-89 (SSCI)
Parla, Ayşe (2009) "Remembering across the border: postsocialist nostalgia among Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria ", American Ethnologist, Vol.36, No.4, 750-767 (SSCI)
Kaşlı, Zeynep Ülker and Parla, Ayşe (2009) "Broken lines of Il/Legality and the reproduction of state sovereignty: the impact of visa policies on immigrants to Turkey from Bulgaria", Alternatives: Global, Local, Political, Vol.34, No.2, 203-227 (SSCI)
Danış, Didem and Parla, Ayşe (2009) "Nafile soydaşlık: Irak ve Bulgaristan Türkleri örneğinde göçmen, dernek ve devlet ", Toplum ve Bilim, Vol.114, 131-158 (NA)
Parla Alpan, Ayşe (2007) "Irregular workers or ethnic kin? Post-1990s labour migration from Bulgaria to Turkey", International migration, Vol.45, No.3, 157-181 (SSCI)
Parla Alpan, Ayşe (2006) "Longing, belonging, and locations of homeland among Turkish immigrants from Bulgaria", Journal of Southeastern Europe and Black Sea Studies, Vol.6, No.4, 543-557 (NA)
Book Section / Chapter
Parla, Ayşe, "For us, migration is ordinary: post-1989 labor migration from Bulgaria to Turkey", Migration in the Southern Balkans: From Ottoman Territory to Globalized Nation States, van Boeschoten, Riki and Vermuelen, Hans and Baldwin-Edwards, Martin (eds.), Springer, April 2015
Papers in Conference Proceedings
Parla, Ayşe, "Göçmen kadınlar ailenin ve aile politikalarının neresindeler?", Boztekin, Nihal and Duffner, Ulrike and Sevim, Semahat (eds.), Başka Bir Aile Anlayışı Mümkün mü?, İstanbul, Türkiye: Heinrich Böll Stiftung Derneği Türkiye Temsilciliği, May 2014, 251-262
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Inclusions in refereed journals and encyclopedias

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Book Chapters

  • 2015  “For us, migration is ordinary’: Post-1989 labour migration from Bulgaria to Turkey,”   in Migration in the Southern Balkans: From Ottoman Territory to Globalized Nation States, eds. Hans Vermeulen, Riki van Boeschoten, Martin Baldwin-Edwards (eds.). IMISCOE Book Series: Springer
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  • 1995   “Anlatilar, Duvarlar, ve Direnis Sesleri: Aykiri bir Mekan Olarak Mor Cati” [Narratives, Walls, and Voices of Resistance: Mor Cati as a Dissident Space,” in Evdeki Teror: Kadina Yonelik Siddet [The Terror at Home: Violence Against Women], ed. Mor Cati Collective. Istanbul: Mor Cati Yayinlari

Book Reviews                                                          

  • 2007    Review of Nostalgia for the Modern: State Secularism and Everyday Politics in Modern Turkey by Esra Özyürek. New Perspectives on Turkey