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ANTH 321 Anthropology of Migration and the City Select Term:
Migration stands out as one of the most characteristic and complex features of the 21st century as more people than ever, coming from increasingly more disparate places, are migrating to new destinations for a greater variety of reasons and under distinct circumstances. A shared aspect though is that most of these migrations are urban in nature, being concentrated in cities attracting human, financial and other flows from across the globe. This course explores how anthropological research is engaging with these new trends in global migration and urbanism, by focusing on different theoretical and ethnographic discussions around some of the key concepts emerging in the literature, including: global cities, super-diversity, urban encounters, contact zones, everyday multiculture, everyday cosmopolitanisms and conviviality
SU Credits : 3.000
ECTS Credit : 6.000
Prerequisite : -
Corequisite : -
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