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2022 - 2023
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Korkmaz, Yasemin, Rethinking care labor on the edge of precarity: Immigrant women's experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic period, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2022.
    Demirer, Enis, Cruising Maryam Şahinyan’s photographic archive: Intertwining meanings of the archive between the personal and the public, Adak, Hülya, 2022.
    Acar, Samet, Cultural labor market in İstanbul: An analysis on the lighting design subfield, Özbay, Cenk, 2022.
    Erkoca, Eray Kaan, Family dramas and the limits of political subjectivity in post-1980 coup d’état novels, Irzık, Sibel, 2022.
    Çiçek, Berfin, Politics of resistance in modern Iranian Literature: Trauma, memory, and the limits of subjectivities, Adak, Hülya, 2022.
    Köse, Beste İrem, Tackling with taboos: The case of HIV associations in Turkey, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2022.
    Çamur, Damla, Theater goes online: Telematic performance during COVID-19 lockdown in Turkey, Adak, Hülya, 2022.
    Kara, Çağdaş Can, Partial attunements: Everyday environmentalism of the food sovereignty movement in İstanbul's foodscape, Özbay, Cenk, 2022.
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