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2019 - 2020
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Turan, Alper, Positive space: A curatorial project on HIV / AIDS, Irzık, Sibel, 2020.
    Kutlualp, Cansu, Failed metamorphosis, self-starvation and the innocence of anorexia: an analysis of the vegetarian, Irzık, Sibel, 2019.
    Rich, Janine Andrea Curotto, Salt in the water: Racialization, hierarchy and Arab-Jewish romantic relationships in Israil, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2019.
    Özgül, Zeynep, The unbearable heaviness of being: absurdity of everyday life in Yusuf Atılgan's Aylak Adam and Julio Cortazar's Rayuela, Irzık, Sibel, 2019.
    Bölükbaş, Süleyman, (First Love): comparative analysis of gay experience during the coming of age in Acıman and Tosun, Adak, Hülya, 2019.
    Gügüş, Ebru Ayşegül, The waste pickers of İstanbul: a case study, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2019.
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