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2018 - 2019
  • Thesis / Masters' Projects Supervision
    Kutlualp, Cansu, Failed metamorphosis, self-starvation and the innocence of anorexia: an analysis of the vegetarian, Irzık, Sibel, 2019.
    Rich, Janine Andrea Curotto, Salt in the water: Racialization, hierarchy and Arab-Jewish romantic relationships in Israil, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2019.
    Özgül, Zeynep, The unbearable heaviness of being: absurdity of everyday life in Yusuf Atılgan's Aylak Adam and Julio Cortazar's Rayuela, Irzık, Sibel, 2019.
    Bölükbaş, Süleyman, (First Love): comparative analysis of gay experience during the coming of age in Acıman and Tosun, Adak, Hülya, 2019.
    Gügüş, Ebru Ayşegül, The waste pickers of İstanbul: a case study, Terzioğlu, Ayşecan, 2019.
    Güneş, Sümeyra, Humor as resistance: the case of Zaytung, Irzık, Sibel, 2018.
    Neumann, Laura Elise, It can happen anytime: experts dealing with the risk of a future İstanbul earthquake, Altınay, Ayşe Gül, 2018.
    Gül, Hilal, A glance behind the official: madrasa education in contemporary Turkey from a gender perspective, Altınordu, Ateş Ali, 2018.
    Aydın, Ceren, Medicalization of intersex and variations of sex characteristics: an analysis of the medical procedures through narratives of clinicians and intersex individuals in Turkey, Altınay, Ayşe Gül, 2018.
    Tosun, Gamze, Communicating difficult pasts in performing arts: disko 5 No'lu sen balık değilsin ki, Adak, Hülya, 2018.
    Göktaş, Hamza, Identity construction of trans women in Turkey, Özbay, Cenk, 2018.
    Korneti, Hana, An analysis of literary canon formation through the case of mandatory literary readings selection in primary and secondary schools in Macedonia, Irzık, Sibel, 2018.
    Demir, Fırat, The contemporary cultural manifestations of the Kemalist paranoid style in Turkish politics, Irzık, Sibel, 2018.
    Çayır, Bade Nur, Outsider art becoming insider: The example of Henry Darger, Altınay, Ayşe Gül, 2018.
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