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Student Activities

  • Adile Aslan's article "The Role of the Intellectual in Contemporary Turkish Women's Narratives" has been published in CLCWEB-COMPARATIVE LITERATURE AND CULTURE (vol.14, issue no.1, article no.3, 2012), an ISI journal indexed by the Arts and Humanities Citation Index.

  • Pelin Tünaydın presented her paper entitled "Pawing through the Abolition of Bear Dancing: An Ethnographic Exploration" at the Non-Human in Social Science III: Past Trajectories Future Prospects conference to be held at Charles University in Prague on November 17-18, 2012.

  • Nora Tataryan presented her article, “Ahtamar: A museum or a Church?” at Materiality, Memory and Cultural Heritage Conference, in İstanbul, May 25-29, 2011. Yeditepe University.
  • Hülya Çağlayan presented her paper “Constructing Identity through Music: An Analysis of the Social and Cultural Aspects of Gypsy/Romani Music” at the International Symposium of Representation in Music and Musical Representation organized by Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music State Conservatory, and Department of Musicology at Macka Social Facilities Center, Istanbul, between October 19-22, 2010, and “Multiculturalism and Feminism: Are human rights for women compatible with group rights?” at Re-Imagining Gender and Politics: Transnational Feminist Interventions at Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany between 27-28 November, 2010. 

  • Adile Aslan presented her article "An Individual Pathology or A Collective Psychopathology? The Socio-historical References to the State-Induced Trauma through the Modernization Project in the Early Decades of the Turkish Republic in Yusuf Atılgan's Anayurt Oteli" at the Working Through Psychoanalysis: Freud's Legacy in Art, Cinema, Literature and Popular Culture, April 15-17, 2011, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.
  • Alparslan Nas presented his article “Mıgırdiç Margosyan: Togetherness of Autobiography and the Novel on the Road to ‘Minor Literature’: Toward Becoming-Minor in Turkey” at Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop, between May 27-29 2010, Istanbul, and  “I Apologize to My Armenian Sisters and Brothers: The Possibility of Forgiveness in the Era of Perpetrator- Silhouette” at the 3rd Global Conference Forgiveness: Probing the Boundaries at Mansfield College, Oxford, UK between July 15-17, 2010  and, “Mehmet Aurelio and Festus Okey Controversies: Outsider Body’s Subjectification and Performativity of Citizenship in Turkey” at 6th Global Conference: Pluralism, Inclusion & Citizenship at Prague, Czech Republic, between March 11-13 2011. 
  • Pınar Gümüş presented the paper “Memory through Theatrical Performance: the Case of 'Zeytinburnu People's Theater' " at the Making Memory, Making History: Ideas and Identites Beyond Borders, held by Indiana University History Graduate Student Association, at the Indiana University, Bloomington, March 6-7, 2009.

  • Münire Bozdemir presented her paper “Could Dreams Become a Contested Space?: The Blurring Boundaries of Real and Virtual in 'Paprika' " at The Animation Area of 2009 Popular Culture Association Conference held in New Orleans, Louisiana, April 8-11, 2009.

  • Esin Aksay presented her paper “Erasmus as an Emerging Educational Space in Turkey: Explanation of a new reality at the Nexus of Education, Youth and Change” at Second ECPR Graduate Conference, Barcelona, 25-27 August 2008.

  • Haydar Darıcı presented his paper “The Relationship between Kurdish Movement and the Turkish Left” at Second ECPR Graduate Conference, Barcelona, 25-27 August 2008.

  • Özge Yağış presented her paper “Spaces of Alteration: Gentrification in Istanbul” at Second ECPR Graduate Conference, Barcelona, 25-27 August 2008.

  • Nil Uzun participated in two conferences in the United Kingdom. She presented a paper on ”Independent Artist Initiatives in Istanbul: Circulation of Culture in Grassroots Globalization as a Form of Activism” at London Metropolitan University on March 7-8, 2008 and another on “The Role of Artistic Practice in Social Movements: Artist Initiatives in Istanbul” at the Manchester University, March 17-19, 2008.

  • Senem Kaptan presented her paper “For or Against Motherhood: Searching for a Way out within Feminist Antimilitarist Activism” at the Interdisciplinary Congress on Women: Women's World, Madrid, June 3-9, 2008.

  • Özgül Akıncı presented her paper “Conscientious Objection in Turkey: Declaring Not to Support Rather than Not to Obey” at the 8th Essex Graduate Conference in Political Theory organized by Essex University, Department of Government, Colchester, 21-22 June 2007.

  • Serkan Yolaçan, BA student in Cultural Studies, presented his paper “On the Edge of 'Urban Transformation': Politics of Resistance and Political Subjectivity” at the 1st International Conference of Young Urban Researchers (FICYUrb), 11-12 June 2007, Lisbon.
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