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POLS 409 Greek-Turkish Relations Select Term:
Beginning with the Greek independence in 1830, this course will first trace the development of Greek-Turkish relations in their historical, political, and ideological context and examine, in particular, the influence of nationalism on the Ottoman Empire and the Balkans, the effects of the resulting myths and narratives on nation-building, and the perceptions that define identity politics. Against this background, the course will then focus on the foreign policy of both Greece and Turkey; major bilateral issues between the two countries, the effect of Cyprus and the influence of the European Union on the bilateral relations; the new geopolitical environment of the two countries in which the recent détente took rise; and policy alternatives for the near future.
SU Credits : 3
ECTS Credit : 6
Prerequisite : Undergraduate level POLS 301 Minimum Grade of D AND Undergraduate level IR 201 Minimum Grade of D AND ( Undergraduate level SPS 102 Minimum Grade of D OR Undergraduate level SPS 101 Minimum Grade of D )
Corequisite : -
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