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SPS 452 Military in Society and Politics Select Term:
This course analyzes the interaction between the military, society, and politics, with specific examples from Latin America, Africa, Middle East, and Asia. It introduces the main characteristics of the military organization and its professionalism, taking the Western model as the ideal. It examines how the role of the military in politics and society changes at various political, economic, and social development levels. It asks if the military is an institution that resolves conflicts within society by mediating between different sides, or an actor that pursues its own corporate interests. The course also focuses on the consequences of military interventions on politics, society, and the future of democracy. Keeping in mind the outcomes of military interventions, the course considers civilian control of the military in democracies
SU Credits : 3
ECTS Credit : 6
Prerequisite : Undergraduate level SPS 101 Minimum Grade of D AND Undergraduate level SPS 102 Minimum Grade of D
Corequisite : -
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