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The Cultural Studies Program brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars with a commitment to fostering new ways of analyzing and participating in contemporary cultural dynamics in Turkey and around the world.

The program covers a wide range of topics and theoretical approaches, with particular emphasis on:  literary and cultural theory; gender and sexuality, transnational mobility and migration; ethnic identities and citizenship; politics of representation;  memory studies and oral history.   

Career prospects for graduates include:

•    The cultural sector:  museums, cultural centers, publishing, tourism and media industries
•    The private sector:  especially advertising, public relations, marketing  
•    The public sector: government funded projects; local government initiatives, as well as E.U. and other international projects
•    Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) community work and action research, particularly in the areas of cultural policy, social policy, education, human rights, women’s rights, refugees and asylum seekers
•    MA and PhD track:  Graduates interested in research or academic careers will be competitive candidates for MA and PhD programs in the social sciences and humanities, specially in the fields of Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Sociology and Communication Studies.

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