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CULT 502-First Week's Readings

Published on 26.03.2014 22:03

Please complete the first week's reading before you come to class on Friday. The readings are as follows, and will be available at Canon after 2:00 on Monday.

F. Chalmers, What Is This Thing Called Science? 2nd ed. Queensland: U. of Queensland, 1982.
“The Theory Dependence of Observation” (22-37)
“Introducing Falsificationism” (38-49)
“Sophisticated Falsificationism, Novel Predictions and the Growth of Science” (50-59)
“Theories as structures II: Kuhn's paradigms” (89-100)
John Searle, The Construction of Social Reality.  London: Penguin Books, 1996.
“The Building Blocks of Social Reality” (1-29)
“Creating Institutional Facts” (31-57) (recommended reading, but not required)


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