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Istanbul Policy Center Video Conference Series

Published on 26.03.2014 22:04

*Istanbul Policy Center Video Conference Series*

Call for Participants

This project is designed to facilitate strong, positive relations
between Turkey and the United States, starting at the student level by
engaging the young leaders of tomorrow in dialogue on important domestic
and international issues. The goal of the project is to establish
partnerships between Turkish universities and corresponding American
universities, with the intention of participating in informed
conversations on pertinent international and domestic topics. The
program will put groups of students who may not have met people from
each other’s nations face-to-face, help to deconstruct stereotypes and
barriers and reinforcing how essential a strong relationship between
Turkey and the United States is at this juncture.

*Results of a successful project will provide participants*:

--A strong idea of youth in the other country, as well as the issues
they face

--Links between future leaders in Turkey and the United States

--Dialogue on international and domestic issues affecting all parties

*We are looking to establish a key group of 15-20 students who will
actively participate in the video conference series. IPC aims to
organize 3-4 roundtable discussions with students from Sabanci
University and a corresponding institution of higher education in the U.S. *

*Contact*: Melis Bitlis, Istanbul Policy Center, Turkish-US Relations
Program Assistant/Intern

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