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CULT MA student Alparslan Nas’s conference participation

Published on 27.03.2014 10:12

Sabancı University Cultural Studies MA student Alparslan Nas’s article, “I Apologize to my Armenian Sisters and Brothers”: The Possibility of Forgiveness in the Era of “Perpetrator-Silhouette” has been accepted for presentation at the 3rd Global Conference Forgiveness: Probing the Boundaries. After the first two organizations which took place in Salzburg, Austria starting with 2008, the 3rd Global Conference, “Forgiveness: Probing the Boundaries” will be held between 15 & 17 July 2010 at Mansfield College, Oxford, England. With over 50 academicians participating from all around the world, the issue of “forgiveness” as a crucial phenomenon for the communities and the individuals of today will be investigated in virtue of various multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches. For more information, please visit the website of the conference:

Click here for the abstract of Alparslan Nas’s article.


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