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Mevhibe Ateş Undergraduate Graphic Design Student Prize

Published on 27.03.2014 10:26

Mevhibe Ateş Undergraduate Graphic Design Student Prize

FASS invites Sabancı University undergraduate students to participate with their work in the thematic Poster Prize.

Creative Brief: Freedom of Faith

Belief or unbelief in a transcendent and absolute power or powers, shaping individual world views and life styles accordingly, being able to make personal choices freely regarding the “correct, good and beautiful” are among fundamental civil rights in democratic societies. These rights, when practiced in the public sphere, bring along responsibilities. In this context, issues such as toleration, aggressive proselytization, positive and negative discrimination based on faith especially in public opportunities and services, and organization of education come to mind.


All segments of the society who are sensitive to issues around them and who give thought to possible social issues and problems caused by restraint on freedom of faith.


The brief can be obtained from starting from November 8th 2010.

Participants should submit their Poster designs to Onur Yazıcıgil via e-mail at until December 17th 2010.

Each entry is limited to 3 Poster designs. The deadline for submissions is December 17th 2010, 24.00. All submitted works will be evaluated by the jury on December 20-21 in a closed session. Results will be announced at on December 29th, Wednesday.

Mevhibe Ateş Undergraduate Graphic Design Student Prize awards three prizes: 750 TL to the winner, 500 TL to the second, 250 TL to the third.

Submitted posters will be evaluated according to the criteria below:

·        Strategic analysis of the given theme

·        Creativity and originality of the approach

·        Success of the typographic and iconographic analysis used in visual design

Poster Format

Visual material sent through e-mail should be in JPEG and RGB format, the longer side should be limited to 1918 pixel, the shorter side to 1417 pixel.

Following the announcement of the results, the three prize winners will be asked to submit their works in PDF format, with size 50cm x 70cm, 200 dpi resolution, CMYK format.


For further information

Prize Director

Dean, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baç


Tel: (0216) 483 92 31


Prize Coordinator

Onur Yazıcıgil


Tel: (0216) 483 93 34


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