CULT MA graduate Oya Nuzumlali’s solo article published in SSCI journal


We are proud to announce the solo article publication of our Cultural Studies MA program graduate Oya Nuzumlali. Her piece,  'A lump in the throat: claims to ethnic identity' was published in the SSCI journal, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power  (2014, vol 21, issue 2, 168-184).  Oya's article comes out of her CULT MA thesis, written under the supervision of  CULT and ES faculty Ayse Parla, and entitled Mixed Feelings Over an Unprecedented Election: Contestations of Ethnicity within the Suryani-Keldani Community (defended in 2012) . Warm congratulations to Oya on this significant accomplishment.

You may find the link to the abstract of the article here: