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News From May/ SU Gender 2022

Published on 14.06.2022 11:55

News from May

SU Gender 2022

Curious Steps: Beyoğlu in the Footsteps of Artist Women  

Together with Meşher Gallery, the Curious Steps Program has been organizing the “Curious Steps: Beyoğlu in the Footsteps of Artist Women” walk as part of the I-You-They: A Century of Artist Women exhibition during the months of March, April, and May. The walks in May were held in person on May 10th, and digitally on May 26th, and will continue to be held throughout the summer. In the walk, storytellers from Meşher and SU Gender follow traces from the unique lives of artist women through a route consisting of ten stops where these women passed by, produced their art, and lived through a variety of encounters and experiences. Participants encounter the works and stories of Aliye Berger, Adalet Cimcoz, Füreya - Hakkı Koral and Nasip Iyem, Yıldız Moran, Iraida Barry, Maryam Şahinyan, Frumet Tektaş, Ivi Stangali, Sabiha Bengütaş, Ruzin Gern and Lerzan Bengisu, through stops such as Narmanlı Han, Kallavi Street, The Republic Monument in Taksim, and the Gezi Park. To join the walks, you may email or, and follow the social media accounts of SU Gender and Meşher. (Photo credit: Ibrahim Emre Karakaş, 2022)

Curious Steps was in Kadıköy with Sabancı University Students

The Curious Steps Program organized the Curious Steps: Kadıköy walk as part of the fieldwork of students taking courses in Sabancı University Civic Involvement Projects (CIP). The CIP Office collaborated with the Curious Steps Program for the purpose of SDG 5: Gender Equality in the field studies that it designed for Sustainable Development Goals. The Curious Steps: Gender and Memory Walk took place on May 28th in Kadıköy. (Photo credit: Ezgi Öz)

The ProGender+ Program Continues Its Work

Within the scope of our teacher trainings for bilingual schools, SU Gender Director Hülya Adak gave teachers at Açı Schools a training titled “Sexism in Our Language in the Context of School Culture” on May 25th. The first 2 days of the 4-day-long Purple Certificate teacher trainings, organized online with the collaboration Enerjisa Production and SU Gender, were completed on May 28-29. As part of the Sabancı Group Diversity and Inclusion Development Program, SU Gender Director Hülya Adak held a panel on gender with Derya Özet Yalgı, the Sustainability Director of Sabancı Holding. Additionally, as part of the program, Hülya Adak and Caner Hazar organized a training on “Gender and Discrimination in Business Life.”

Conference on Ottoman and Turkish Studies in the Footsteps of Barbara Kellner-Heinkele

A conference celebrating the contributions of Prof. Barbara Kellner-Heinkele to Turcology and Turkish Studies (“Von der Pforte der Glückseligkeit zu den Steppen Mittelasiens”) was organized by Max Weber Stiftung & Orient Institut Istanbul on May 20-22. Hülya Adak delivered a lecture in German titled “Andrei N. Mandelstam und die Geschichte der Menschenrechte,” discussing gendercide and the development of human rights after World War I. The conference brought together important scholars of Ottoman and Turkish Studies, such as Jenny White and Malek Sharif. The papers presented at the meeting will be published by Max Weber Stiftung.

Which Events Did We Attend?

Curious Steps Program

● Özge Ertem from the Curious Steps team participated in “Müge İplikçi ile Zeytin Dalı” broadcast on Medyascope. Click here to watch.

● Ezgi Öz and Özge Ertem from the Curious Steps team participated in the Open Architecture program prepared and presented by Yağmur Yıldırım on Açık Radyo. Click here to listen.

Conferences, Meetings, and Presentations

●  Hülya Adak gave an online presentation titled “Halide Edib and the History of Suffrage” on May 15th, 2022, in the Academy of Politics organized by Ben Seçerim Derneği.

●  Deniz Gündoğan İbrişim participated in the “32nd Annual Conference of the Association for Anglophone Postcolonial Studies (Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien / GAPS)” held at Goethe University Frankfurt between May 25-29 as part of the Marie Curie Project POGETA, and presented her paper titled “Contested Solidarities, Ecological Vulnerabilities.”

●  Begüm Acar attended the EU TACSO 3 “Self-Assessment and Rights-Based Approach” meeting held online on May 25-27. At the meeting, NGOs and funding institutions working in various fields in Turkey and Western Balkan countries shared information and experiences on the implementation of the rights-based approach, policy documents, and self-assessment methods.

●  Yellow Window and Oxford Brookes University held a Gender Equality Train the Trainers  Session  as part of our AB GEARING-Roles project on May 25-27. Gülru Göker and İlayda Ece Ova from the project team and Zeynep Çetrez, who was appointed as the new Gender Equality Officer at Sabancı University, attended the training. Based on GE Academy's studies, the training was carried out with participatory methods and touched upon various subjects, such as the principles and standards of gender equality trainings, resistances encountered during training, and methods of overcoming resistance. As such, the training aimed at strengthening the capacity of the project’s participating institutions.

●  Begüm Acar attended the third session of the “Policy Dialogue Series on Care Work and Care Economy in Post-Covid-19 World” organized by the UN Women's Office in Turkey on May 31st. The meeting took place in a hybrid format. Representatives from the International Labor Organization, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and UN Women presented on regulations regarding care work with examples referring to gender inequality and shared best practices from transformative care policies.

What’s Next Month?

Dicle Koğacıoğlu Article Award is still open for applications

Dicle Koğacıoğlu Article Award is an award given by the Sabancı University Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and SU Gender in the name of our colleague, friend, and sociologist Dicle Koğacıoğlu who departed in 2009. Awarded since 2010, the aim of the award is to support gender-focused research and encourage young researchers. The award is open to Master’s and PhD students, and graduates of Master’s programs who completed their degree within the last two years. The deadline for the application this year is October 2nd, 2022. Click here for more information on the application criteria.

Şirin Tekeli Research Award is still open for applications

SU Gender initiated the Şirin Tekeli Research Award in memory of Şirin Tekeli, who has pioneered work in the fields of democracy, academic freedom, gender equality, and feminism. In its fifth year, the award is now open for applications. Aiming to support and encourage gender-focused research in Turkey, we hope to open up a nurturing and inspiring space that will bring together researchers who work in this field. Click here for detailed information about the application criteria. The application deadline is October 7th, 2022.

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