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Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop 2013


Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop 2013

Coming to Terms with War, Genocide, and Political Violence

Karakoy Minerva Han, Istanbul, May 31- June 2, 2013

Sabancı University in collaboration with Istanbul Policy Center, Hrant Dink Foundation, Anadolu Kültür

The turn of the 20th century was marked by anxieties of militarization, armament, and war preparation throughout the world, to be followed soon by the “Great War” that resulted in previously unimaginable destruction. The rest of the century witnessed “world wars,” genocides, ethnocides, politicides, hot and cold wars of various kinds, civil wars, military coups, and other forms of political violence. These experiences, as well as their contested memories, shape life and death at the turn of the 21st century.

This year’s Hrant Dink Memorial Workshop focuses on the various means and challenges of “coming to terms” with wars, genocides, and political violence.

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Organizing Committee:

Ateş Altınordu, Ayşe Kadıoğlu, Ayşe Gül Altınay, Çağla Aydın, Faik Kurtulmuş, Fikret Adanır, Gülayşe Koçak, Nedim Nomer, Sibel Irzık

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