Ayşe Öncü

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Emeritus Faculty Member

Ph.D., Yale University, (Sociology)
M.A., Bryn Mawr College, (Sociology)
B.A., Middle East Technical University, (Social Science)

Areas of Interest
City Cultures and Spaces; Media, Mediation and Public Spheres; Cultural Politics
  • Article
    Öncü, Ayşe (2011) "Representing and consuming "the East" in cultural markets", New Perspectives on Turkey (SI), Vol.45, 49-73 (SSCI)
    Öncü, Ayşe (2004) "The interaction of media and politics: the remaking of the Turkish media industry in the 1990s ", Boğaziçi Journal, Vol.18, No.1-2, 11-26 (NA)
  • Book Section / Chapter
    Öncü, Ayşe, "Television and media", The Routledge Handbook of Modern Turkey, Heper, Metin and Sayarı, Sabri (eds.), New York: Routledge, May 2012, 125-136
    Öncü, Ayşe, "Narratives of Istanbul's Ottoman heritage", Spatial Conceptions of the Nation: Modernizing Geographies in Greece and Turkey, Diamandouros, Nikiforos and Dragonas, Thalia and Keyder, Çağlar (eds.), New York: Tauris Academic Studies, March 2010, 205-228
    Öncü, Ayşe, "The politics of Istanbul's Ottoman heritage in the era of globalism", Cities of the South: Citizenship and Exclusion in the Twenty-First Century, Drieskens, Barbara and Mermier, Franck and Wimmen, Heiko (eds.), London, Beirut: Saqi Books 2007, 233-264
    Öncü, Ayşe, "Becoming "secular muslims": Yaşar Nuri Öztürk as a super-subject on Turkish television", Religion, Media, and the Public Sphere, Meyer, Birgit and Moors, Annelies (eds.), Bloomington: Indiana University Press, March 2006, 227-250
    Öncü, Ayşe, "Maganda: Die kulturelle neuordung Istanbuls in den neunzigerjahren", Self Service City: Istanbul, Esen, Orhan and Lanz, Stephan (eds.), Berlin: B_Books, April 2005, 397-410
    Öncü, Ayşe, "Die sinnlichkeit globaliziert bilder und die banalitet der alltagserfahrung im heutigen Istanbul", Person, Schauplatz, Huber, Jörg (ed.), Zurich: Edition Voldemeer, February 2003, 107-122
  • Volumes Edited / Special Issues
    Suner, Asuman and Öncü, Ayşe, Editors' introduction: thinking through images: Turkishness and its discontents, The Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey 2011
  • Before SU Publications

    Edited Books:

    Space, Culture, Power: New Identities In Globalizing Cities, London: Zed, 1997 (co-editor with Petra Weyland, contributor) Developmentalism and Beyond: Society and Politics in Egypt & Turkey,  Cairo: Cairo University Press/ New York: Columbia University Press, 1999  (co-editor with Saad-Eddin Ibrahim and Çağlar Keyder, contributor) Turkey and the West: Changing Political and Cultural Identities, London:  I.B. Tauris, 1993 (co-editor with Metin Heper and Heinz Kremer, contributor)

    Selected Book Chapters and Articles:

    Öncü, Ayşe “Consumption, Gender and The Mapping of Istanbul in the 1990s”, in Fragments of Culture: The Everyday in Modern Turkey,  D. Kandiyoti and A. Saktanber (eds.)  I.B. Tauris, 2002

    Öncü, Ayşe “Afterword: Beyond the State-Civil Society Dichotomy”,  Capital Cities: Ethnographies of Urban Governance in the Middle East, in Seteney .Shami ed.,  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 2001

    Öncü, Ayşe, “The Banal and the Subversive: Re-thinking Commercial Television in Turkey”, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 3, No.3, Sept. 2000

    Öncü, Ayşe,  “Istanbulites and Others: The Cultural Cosmology of ‘Middleness’ in the Era of Neo-Liberalism”,  Istanbul Between the Global and The Local,  Cağlar Keyder (ed.),  New York: St. Martins: 1999

    Öncü, Ayşe “Crossing Borders into Turkish Sociology with Gunder Frank  and Michel Foucault”, Contemporary Sociology, 26(3):267-270, 1997   

    Öncü, Ayşe, “Packaging Islam: Cultural Politics on the Landscape of Turkish Television”, in Public Culture, 8(1):51-71, 1995

    Öncü, Ayşe, “Globalization of a Third World Metropolis”, Review, 27(3):383-421, 1994 (with Çağlar Keyder)

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