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News From December/ SU Gender 2022

Published on 17.02.2022 11:26

January News Bulletin

SU Gender/ 2022

Purple Certificate Program hosts Özge Ertem

Özge Ertem delivered a lecture titled “The Burden of Childhood" as the first speaker of the Purple Certificate Program webinar series in 2022. During her presentation, Ertem invited us to explore the historical traces of the roles assigned to children and children's voices by looking at how the themes of virtue, morality, success, good, righteousness, and decency were linked to certain class codes and gender norms in children's magazines published in Turkey in the 1930s and 1940s. Ertem, who is the coordinator of Transformative Activism and Curious Steps Programs at SU Gender, shared a story from her childhood with the participants by using methodologies of storytelling.

SU Gender Website Launched

Our new website was launched in January 2022! Access to current news and announcements and the SU Gender archive from previous years has become much easier. We have also created two new sections on Research and Training, both providing much more detailed information about the works we carry out in these fields. The renewed site also has a new section that allows a detailed search for events, including conferences, panels, talks and academic speeches that have been recorded since 2010, categorized by the type and date of the event. The Research section enables access to information about current research projects, as well as publications and events related to different research expertise at SU Gender. You can also find on the website current and historical information about the awards and March 8 events we have organized, SU Gender publications, programs and training. SU Gender Blog is designed to offer you a collection of articles by students, graduates, assistants and the SU Gender team. Click here to visit the new site. 

Purple Certificate Awareness Training

Within the scope of the Purple Certificate Program, we held our online Awareness Trainings on January 8-9. The training program on discrimination, material design and the basic concepts of gender continues as an initial project for teachers and teacher candidates to integrate gender equality into education.

First Cycle of RESISTIRE Project is Completed

The RESISTIRE (RESpondIng to outbreaks through co-creaTIve sustainable inclusive equality stRatEgies) project, which is being carried out by SU Gender with the support of the EU Horizon 2020 program, has completed its first cycle. RESISTIRE conducts monitoring and research in 31 countries to uncover social inequalities caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, develops practical insights and offers solutions to be implemented by decision makers, non-governmental organizations and stakeholders in different policy areas. The first cycle has provided solution-oriented outputs under three headings: recommendations for implementation, pilot projects and research agenda. Click here for detailed information. 

English Translation of the Report on Migration and Environment Published

The summary of the final report published in October for the project "Migration, Environment and Gender in Turkey", led by Kristen S. Biehl and supported by the Raoul Wallenberg Institute RW-Human Rights Research Grant Programme, has been translated into English. The report brings the two fields of migration and environment, which are mostly addressed independently of each other, into unique conversation by looking at gender-based phenomena as a common area where they intersect. In this context, it closely examines the gender sensitivity and approaches of non-governmental organizations working on migration and environment in Turkey. Click to access the summary translation of the report.

  What Activities did we attend?

ProGender+ Program

●   The training program for KordSA executives, white collar and blue collar employees started. The training focuses on Gender Awareness and Discrimination at Work (with a focus on Glass Ceiling Discrimination) with courses offered by Hülya Adak, Emirhan Deniz Çelebi and Nazlı Hazar.

●   Sabancı Volunteers: The Gender Equality module of the training program organized by Sabancı Holding employees for the youth was held on January 23 with Hülya Adak and Emirhan Deniz Çelebi as the instructors. The program has attracted a great deal of attention and will continue in the coming months.


●        Stanford University VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab and SU Gender held a joint meeting on January 12, leading to an important collaboration in the field of training and research. The collaboration will be led by Caroline Simmard from Stanford University and Hülya Adak from Sabancı University.

●       On January 18, a new collaboration meeting was held between KADER (Association for Supporting of Women Candidates) and SU Gender (Hülya Adak). A joint workshop will be hosted by SU Gender in spring 2022.

●        In January 2020 several meetings were held between Columbia Global Centers Istanbul and SU Gender (Hülya Adak). A two-year joint research and webinar series, including young researchers, is being planned, starting with the March 8 events.

Lectures & Meetings

●        Hülya Adak attended Prof. Nihat Berker's lecture "Post-1984 Uto/Dystopia" on January 5 at Kadir Has University with her talk titled "Feminism and Modernist Aesthetics in Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own & Mrs. Dalloway".

●       Deniz Gündoğan İbrişim attended the workshop meetings "Management Committee & Leadership" and "Memory Studies" on January 17, as part of the project "Cost Action 20105 - Slow Memory: Transformative Practices for Times of Uneven and Accelerating Change". 

What is for Next Month?

Purple Certificate Winter School in February

The Purple Certificate Program of SU Gender, supported by the Sabancı Foundation, will be holding the 2022 Purple Certificate Program Online Winter School on February 5-6 and 12-13 with 60 teachers and teacher candidates attending from all over Turkey. The Winter School is free of charges, and academics and experts working in different fields, from sociology to psychology, from law to natural sciences, from literature to current research, will contribute to the program with presentations, discussions and workshops.


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