Fırat Demir The Contemporary Cultural Manifestation of the Kemalist Paranoid Style in Turkish Politics Sibel Irzık 2017/2018
Ebru Özdeş Patronsuz Kazak or Jumpers without Masters: New Social Movements in Turkey and a Critical Engagement with Commoning  Ateş Altınordu 2017/2018
Laura Elise Neumann “It can happen anytime”: Experts Dealing with the Risk of a Future Istanbul Earthquake Ayşe Gül Altınay 2017/2018
Hamza Göktaş Identity Construction of Trans Women in Turkey Cenk Özbay 2017/2018
Hilal Gül A Glance behind the Official: Madrasa Education in the Contemporary Turkey from a Gender Perspective  Ateş Altınordu 2017/2018
Ayşe Şanlı Quotidian Boundaries and How to Circumvent Them: An Inquiry into a Syrian Community in İstanbul Ateş Altınordu 2017/2018
Ceren Aydın Medicalization of Intersex and Variations of Sex Characteristics: An Analysis of the Medical Procedures through Narratives of Clinicians and Intersex Individuals in Turkey  Ayşe Gül Altınay 2017/2018
Gamze Tosun Communicating Difficult Parts in Performing Arts: Disko 5 No’lu and Sen Balık Değilsin ki Hülya Adak 2017/2018
Sümeyra Güneş Humor as Resistance: The Case of Zaytung  Sibel Irzık 2017/2018
Hana Korneti An Analysis of Literary Canon Formation through The Case of Mandatory Literary Readings Slelction in Primary and Secondary Schools in Macedonia  Sibel Irzık 2017/2018
Lesli Jebahar Louise Bourgeis' Art as Queer Performance  Sibel Irzık 2016/2017
Elif Birced From a Profession to a Struggle: The Precarization of Social Scientists in Foundation Universities  Ateş Altınordu 2016/2017
Berkay Uluç Literature and Health: An Essay Critical and Clinical on Vüs'at O. Bener's Novels"  Sibel Irzık 2016/2017
Servet Büyükkuşoğlu Infulences on InstagramTurkey: Performing the "Iconic Mother" and the "Iconic Woman"  Leyla Neyzi 2016/2017
Beja Portner Perpetrator Graffiti: Sharing Violent Words and Images in Turkey  Ayşe Parla 2016/2017
Rabia Aslı Koruyucu Construction of Trans Masculinities: Experiences of Trans Men, Lawyers and Psychiatrists in Turkey  Ayşe Gül Altınay 2016/2017
Lara Güney Özlen Identity Politics and Solidarity Practices of Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Istanbul  Ayşe Gül Altınay 2016/2017
Derya Aydın Cemeteries and Memorials: Violence, Death and Mourning in Kurdish Society  Leyla Neyzi 2016/2017
Celal Kaan Başer Hospitality and its Many Guises: Figuring a Typology for Carpet Salesmen Cenk Özbay 2016/2017
Atak Ayaz Reflections in the Silver Miror: (Re)Constructing the City and Morality in Muş Ayşe Parla 2015/2016
Betül Sarı Mad Women of Literature:Gender and Narrative in Mine Söğüt’s Writings Sibel Irzık 2015/2016
Çiçek Aycan Uygun Between Oversexualization and Motherhood: Divorced Mother’s Narratives on Womanhood, Motherhood and Sexuality Ayşe Parla 2015/2016
Deanna Marie Cachoian-Schanz (Dis)Orienting Exile: Home and Belonging in Queer Armenian-American Women’s Memoir Hülya Adak 2015/2016
Elif Binici Narrator’s Play: Weaving Voice and Silence in Periferik-A Söe and Hawara Dicleye Sibel Irzık 2015/2016
Emine Nihan Türegün Being a Mother and a Revolutionary: Experiences of Motherhood among Revolutionary Women in 1970s-80s Turkey Ayşe Gül Altınay 2015/2016
Saliha Akbaş Fifty Shades of  ‘State’: The Politics of Conspiracy and Transparency in Contemporary Turkey Ateş Altınordu 2015/2016
Tolga Özata Haunting Pasts, Broken Futures: Youth Subjectivities under the Conditions of Violence and Precarity Leyla Neyzi 2015/2016
Aila Spathopoulou Degrees of Liquidity on the Aegean: Ships, Migrants and Connecting Waters Around Lesvos Ayşe Parla 2014/2015
Bürge Abiral Catastrophic Futures, Anxious Presents: Lifestyle Activism and Hope in the Permaculture Movement in Turkey Ayşe Parla 2014/2015
Caitlin Marie Miles Shutter, Click, Social Change: An Examination of the Nar Photos Collective Banu Karaca 2014/2015
Ceren Alkan Hope and Revolution in a Critical Dystopia: “The Hunger Games” Sibel Irzık 2014/2015
Derya Özkaya Commerative Practices and Narratives of Revolutionary Movements in Turkey: “Kizildere” as a Texture of Memory Sibel Irzık 2014/2015
Erdem Kayserilioğlu Beyond the “People” : Formation of “Ulusalcilik” in the AKP’s Populist Discourse Banu Karaca 2014/2015
İlkim Karakuş “Brutes” and “Pacifists” Meet Politics of the Act: Violence, Nonviolence and Prefiguration
Faik Kurtulmuş 2014/2015
İrem Soysal Al Organic Food and Mothers: Techniques of Neoliberal Governmentality and Negotiation of Multiple Discourses of Motherhood, Risks, and Organic Food Ayşe Parla 2014/2015
Pınar Budan The Impasse of Urban to Rural Migration: Re-enchantment and Disillusionment in Sirince Sibel Irzık 2014/2015
Polina Parthena Gioltzoglou  Iron Fist of a Soft Power: The Use of Restrictive Measures (Economic Sanctions) by the European Union Ayşe Parla 2014/2015
Serkan İlaslaner Onur: 'Emotional Habitus' of LGBTI Activism in Turkey Ayşe Gül Altınay 2014/2015
Dilara Çalışkan Queer Mothers and Daughters: The Role of Queer Kinship in the Everyday Lives of Trans Sex Worker Women in Istanbul Ayşe Gül Altınay 2013/2014
Duygu Deliler Self Perception and Self Definition of Women Working in Private Sector in Managerial Positions Sibel Irzık 2013/2014
Elif İrem Az Military Masculinities in the Making: Professional Military Education in Contemporary Turkey Ayşe Gül Altınay 2013/2014
Ezgi Şeref Emergent Distinctions in the Juridical Field: The Case of ‘Plaza Attorneys’ in Turkey Ayşe Öncü 2013/2014
Laura Zacchi Home, Belonging and Collage- Identities: A Case Study on Second- Generation Turks in Modena Annedith Schneider 2013/2014
Marhabo Saparova Gendered Migration, Gendered Affiliations: A Case of Women University Students from Central Asia in the Hizmet Movement in Turkey Ayşe Gül Altınay 2013/2014
Neşe Kaya Hopa Hemsinlis: History, Language and Identity Leyla Neyzi 2013/2014
Pelin Tünaydın Rescuing the Bears, Silencing the Bear Leaders: Bear Dancing in Historical Context and Its Aboliation in Turkey Ayşe Parla 2013/2014
Saniye Burcu Tokat The Poetics and Politics of the Uncanny in Sevim Burak’s Works Sibel Irzık 2013/2014
Sertaç Kaya Şen The Life on the Margins: Experiences of Childhood within the Military Complex Ayşe Gül Altınay
Sylvia Nicole Joss The Role of Gender in the Context of ‘Roots’ Migration: Why Do Germany- Born Turkish Women Migrate to Turkey? Annedith Schneider
Aydın Özipek Everybody Wants to Stand out in Life: New Forms of Self-expression among Urban Lower-class Youth in Neoliberalizing Turkey Leyla Neyzi 2012/2013
Aykun Özgen Orhan Pamuk in the Context of İstanbul Authorship:The Black Book, My name is Red Hülya Adak 2012/2013
Cihan Yılmaz Negating The Wall: An Analysis of Space, Resistance, Witnessing and Writing in Turkish Coup D’etat Literature Sibel Irzik 2012/2013
Çicek İlengiz Archiving,Remembering,Aestheticizing ‘Old’ İstanbul: The Case of the Fabiato Mansion Ayşe Gül Altınay 2012/2013
Emre Şahin From Hammer and Sickle to the Tespih?: Religion in Kurdish Movement in Turkey Ateş Altınordu 2012/2013
Kevser Pınar Üstel Women’s Lived Experiences of Aging:    Fragments of Daily Life from a Seniors Centre Hülya Adak 2012/2013
Sema Merve İş Tracking the Invisible:Queer Approaches to Parenthood and Family in Turkey Ayşe Gül Altınay 2012/2013
Oya Nuzumlali Schooley Mixed Feelings over an Unprecendented Election: Contestations of Ethnicity within the Suryani-Keldani Community Ayse Parla 2011/2012
Seda Dogan

Symbolic Boundaries, Imagined Hierarchies: A Case Study of 'Soviet' Female Domestic Workers in Istanbul

Ayse Parla 2011/2012
Gözde Burcu Ege

Remembering Armenians in Van, Turkey

Leyla Neyzi 2011/2012
Nora Tataryan Armenians Living in Turkey and the Assassination of Hrant Dink: Loss, Mourning and Melancholia Leyla Neyzi 2011/2012
Adile Aslan From the Immortal Regulator to the Wanna-be Dictator: The Specters of the Father in Saatleri Ayarlama Enstitüsü and Kar Sibel Irzik 2011/2012
Akanksha Misra Breaking the Silence, Easing the Pain: Efforts, Challenges, and Hopes of Feminist Organizations in Turkey and India Working with Survivors of Incest Ayse Gul Altinay 2010/2011
Alparslan Nas Between National and Minor Literature in Turkey: Modes of Resistance in the Works of Mehmed Uzun and Mıgırdiç Margosyan Hulya Adak 2010/2011
Birin Calikoğlu The Transformation of Women Artists' Representation: A Feminist Analysis of the Historical Narrative and Istanbul Modern's 'New Works New Horizons' Exhibition Hulya Adak 2010/2011
Burcu Yoleri
Reading Valery through Tanpınar: The Analysis of an Influence
Hulya Adak 2010/2011
Duygu Yeni Before the Parable: The Reader's Trial Sibel Irzik 2010/2011
Ebru Gozacan Ozsahin Elite Perceptions of Self, Nation and Society in Contemporary Turkey Ayse Gul Altinay 2010/2011
Emily B. Coolidge Toker More than Phonemic Patterns: The English Language and the Formation of Translated Men Sibel Irzik 2010/2011
Hulya Cağlayan Exploring the Intersections: Subordination and Resistance among Kurdish Women in Aydınlı, Tuzla Ayse Gul Altinay 2010/2011
Ibrahim Tevfik Karatop New Muslim Male Subjectivities: Masculinities in the Hizmet Movement Leyla Neyzi 2010/2011
Michael Kubiena Role of the Military in Turkish Politics: Case of the 1980 Military Coup Banu Karaca 2010/2011
Selen Erdogan With(in) Irony Writing as Woman: Tante Rosa and Cüce Sibel Irzik 2010/2011
Sahan Yatarkalkmaz Literature and Change: Early Short Stories of Osman Şahin Hulya Adak 2010/2011
Ergin Cenebasi Inaction as Theme and Structure in Dostoyevsky's ' Notes from Underground' and Melville's 'Bartleby, The Scrivener' Sibel Irzik 2009/2010
Aysegul Balta The Role of NGO's in the Asylum System in Turkey: Beyond Intermediation Ayse Parla 2009/2010
Havva Ezgi Dogru Living to the Tell the Tale: Reading 12 September Coup D'etat through the Novels Written by Socialist and Nationalist Authors Sibel Irzik 2009/2010
Duygu Sendag State Violence and Human Rights: The European Human Rights Court Cases Submitted Against Turkey on Detention Ayse Oncu 2009/2010
Pınar Gumus Theatrical Performance, Everyday Life Experience & Transformation: Zeytinburnu People's Theatre Leyla Neyzi 2009/2010
Yaprak Sariisik Mosquitoes, Sex Workers, Nuns and "Our Ignorant Folk": Narratives of HPV Infection and Vaccination Among Turkish Doctors Ayse Parla 2009/2010
Gorkem Aydemir Global Professionals in Turkey: Personal Narratives of Professionals with MBA Degrees Ayse Oncu 2009/2010
Olcay Ozer Working With and Against Stereotypes: Representations of Honor Among Turkish Immigrant Women in a Migrant Association in Berlin Ayse Parla 2008/2009
Munire Bozdemir Animating a Classless Society: A Comparative Analysis of Metamorphosis of (Post) Human Bodies in the Matrix Triology and the Antimatrix Lanfranco Aceti 2008/2009
Ozden Sahin Censorship in Visual Arts and its Political Implications in Contemporary Turkey: Four Case Studies from 2002-2009 Lanfranco Aceti 2008/2009
Haydar Darici Violence and Freedom: The Politics of Kurdish Children and Youth in Urban Space Leyla Neyzi 2008/2009
Senem Kaptan Mothering the Army, Mothering the State: Being a Soldier's Mother in Turkey Ayse Gul Altinay 2008/2009
Ayse Demet Yildiz Subjectivity Construction in Multinationals: Turkish Brand Managers' Case Dicle Kogacioglu 2008/2009
Nil Uzun The Meaning of "Being Political": An Analysis of "Artist Initatives" in Istanbul Ayse Oncu 2008/2009
Fulya Kama The Politics of Women's Empowerment: The Transformative Struggles of KAMER and MOR CATI Against Violence Ayse Gul Altinay 2008/2009
Esin Aksay Erasmus as an Emerging Educational Space in Turkey: Explanation of a New Reality at the Nexus of Education,Youth and Change Ayse Parla 2007/2008
Ozgul Akinci Remembering the Assos International Pereforming Arts Festival Through the Iconic Memory of Huseyin Katircioglu: Reading the Rural Urban Divide Through Gender, Humor and Reflexive Ethnography Leyla Neyzi 2007/2008
Ozen Nergis Seckin The Possibilities and Subversions of Subjectivity Self and Desire in the Modern Turkish Novel Sibel Irzik 2007/2008
Alaettin Carikci Manifestations of Gendercial Trauma in the Short Stories of Kirkor Ceyhan Hulya Adak 2007/2008
Sandra Finger The Meaning of Discovery Tourist Gaze and Tourist Narrativrd in Southeastern Anatolia Leyla Neyzi 2007/2008
Merve Aktar Forms of Relation: The Western Literary Canon and Orhan Pamuk's The Black Book Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children Hulya Adak 2007/2008
Tugce Ellialtı The Stomachache of Turkish Woman: Virginity, Premarital Sex and Responses to Ongoing Vigilance Over Women's Bodies Ayse Parla 2007/2008
Esra Demirci Akyol The Role of Memory in the Historiography of Hatay Leyla Neyzi 2007/2008

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