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CALL FOR PARTNERS:Action 3.1 Project

Published on 26.03.2014 17:49

Action 3.1 Project
“The Youth Tolerance in Intercultural Learning”
International Training Course
Baku city, Azerbaijan
September 2008

Training Course Description:
The training course is designed as an open learning process based on experience and exchange. The multicultural groups of participants themselves will create a Network for intercultural learning and a framework for personal development. The course programme and contents will organize so as to allow for the maximum involvement of the group while valuing every single participant using active participatory methods. The learning process heavily relied on the practical experience provided by the project work. The participant’s project will see as both a tool for learning and also as a concrete initiative that is expected to contribute to improving the participation opportunities of minority young people at local level.
The project will help the participants to become valuable advocates for the promotion of Tolerance and Peace and inspire them to take action in their countries.The project is ensuring that today's youth are prepared to become tomorrow's leaders-educated leaders who know what human rights are and who will continue our mission to bring human rights to the world-is invaluable.
Project aimed at empowering minority young people and at removing barriers to their participation. Empowerment and participation should be understood in a broad sense as strategies to overcome or counter situations of discrimination, oppression or isolation. This can be pursued through education, training, development of structures of participation. The project will be concrete and relevant, reflecting the situations and challenges faced by the minority or minorities that it addresses. The project addresses a particular local community or youth group. The aims and activities undertaken by the project will contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of minority cultural groups and of their rights and generally at improving community relations. Projects can be aimed at a particular group or minority to raise their self-esteem and awareness, fighting prejudices, etc. but can also be aimed to a wider public by informing, raising awareness, changing legislation, etc.

Training Course Content:
This is a Training Course developed in the framework of YOUTH IN ACTION programme targeting young people involved in local projects. By bringing together representatives of organisations or informal groups from different European countries, the project aims at enabling those young people involved in local activities to develop and realise quality Action projects as well as to help them to find partners.
The activities undertaken during the course will focus on the discrimination some individuals suffer owing to their race or ethnic origin, religion or beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability, all of which are grounds for discrimination that may addressed at European level. Participants of the course will be familiarized with below mentioned information and will be able to multiple skills and experience during the course in their community level

Training Course aims and objectives:
· To bring together people working with young people in order to create new project ideas within the YOUTH in Action Projects;
· To Create an atmosphere of common understanding between people representing different cultures, working styles, etc.;
· To deepen and clarify the meanings and relevance of the concepts of diversity in the context of human rights and participation of young people.
· To discuss the current situation of the European countries and explore the possibilities to address the discrimination, influencing the young people
· To create atmosphere of common understanding between people representing different cultures, working styles, etc
· To sustain and widen existing networks of youth workers and youth leaders; to promote the understanding of and respect for cultural diversity and intercultural co-operation.
· To reflect on the manifestations and relevance of issues such as identity, nationalism, Europe, discrimination, social exclusion and majority/minority relations and their relevance to youth projects;
· To provide basic information on European youth work and explore the concepts of participation and citizenship
· To develop practical approaches and methods for translating solidarity, empathy, citizenship and human rights education into youth work practice;
· To build new partnerships between Program countries and partners countries from Eastern Europe and Caucasus region to create new project ideas within the YOUTH in Action

Target group:
v Applicant youth leaders, Youth workers, Youth Trainers, Project managers from youth NGOs, Youth Group, Youth Networks, Youth Organisations
v leaders that want to apply in the YOUTH IN ACTION Projects in the future
v Youth NGOs, Youth Group, Youth Networks, Youth Organisations that wants to apply for this project to their National Agency to host it in Baku, Azerbaijan
v Active members of organizations and youth groups, local youth councils willing to develop further activities and act as multipliers within their organizations
v Be motivated to develop their knowledge and competence the specific field and to share their experiences with other participants
v Have some experience in developing youth activities in local/national level and be well informed about the activities they were involved and be prepared to present and explain their function to other participants
v Commit themselves to their function for future activities in the field of youth policy and be prepared to pass on the others the knowledge and skills gained during this activity.

The training is scheduled in September 2008 and will be hosted in Baku Azerbaijan Republic. Financial support is under the European Commission’s “Youth in Action”-programme granting scheme. If approved, all costs will be covered except for 30% of the international travel and visa costs. Organizations from all 27 EU member countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Turkey, YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME countries, EECA countries are eligible to be partners. The working language of the Training Course is English.

All European Union countries, plus Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Turkey are eligible to apply for this project. YOUTH IN ACTION Programme countries that has National Agency in their country. That’s why we are looking for applicant organisations

Time plan and venue:
Submission: 1st April 2008, submission of the application form under Youth in Action Programme to the British National Agency – British Council Connect Youth
British National Agency – British Council Connect Youth – Action 3.1 Project,
Date of the Training Course: September, 2008
Venue: Baku, Azerbaijan

Group and duration:
Group: 2 representatives from 1 Youth Organisation, Youth Groups, from 15 countries chosen in an open call. One of the partner organisations in “Programme Country of YIA” will be an applicant that will apply for this project to their National Agency. Now we are looking for this applicant organisation:
Duration will be 6 full working days (plus 2 more days: arrival and departure)

Next Steps:
If you like the idea and the content of this activity, and if you want your organization to be partner in this project and thus be entitled to nominate for participants, then fill in the attached form (called partner promoters – part 3), sign it in blue ink, put your official stamp on it and send it by e-mail (scancopy as pdf or doc or jpg, we need the signature and the stamp)
E-mail to: rzayevsebuhi@ and irina@moe-online. com
And regular mail back to
Contact Person: Irina Vasiljeva
Address: 11 Tufnell Park Mansions
Holloway road. N7 6HS, London, UK
E-mail: irina@moe-online. com

Please make sure we receive these documents before 25 Mach 2008. . Furthermore, please indicate your estimated travel costs from your home town to Baku (best reached by train, near airports are Baku).

As we need to apply in 1st April deadline, please be as fast as possible in being a partner organization.

We are looking forward to your answers...
Applicant Organisation
Minorities of Europe
Contact Person: Irina Vasiljeva
Address: 11 Tufnell Park Mansions
Holloway road. N7 6HS, London, UK
E-mail: irina@moe-online. com

Host Organisation:
Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union (Host Organisation)
Contact Person: Rzayev Sabuhi
Address: Yusif Mammadaliyev 21, apt 12/14, Az1005, Baku, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 50 385 92 21
E-mail: rzayevsebuhi@


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