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Graduate Conference 2008: Challenges of the 21st Century

Published on 26.03.2014 22:05
Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference 2008:

Challenges of the 21st Century

Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, 6 June 2008

Registration is free, however, travel and accommodation expenses must be
covered by the conference applicant.

The 2008 Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference (IGC) aims to bring
together postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers across the sciences,
humanities and social sciences in order to explore the varied challenges
of the 21st Century.

Organised by the School of Physical Sciences and the School of the
Humanities & Social Sciences, we invite abstract proposals from postgrads
and postdocs across Cambridge University and beyond.

Papers can be presented on any subject relating to the conference theme.
Possible topics include:
• Climate (Global warming, energy)
• Information Technology (privacy, social networking, data mining,
communication, image overload)
• Medicine (stem cell research, cancer, Aids, cloning, bio ethics)
• Terrorism
• Demographic change (aging populations, immigration/migration)
• Globalisation (changing conceptions of citizenship, identity,
transnational corporations)
• Space Technology (the future of space exploration, nanotube space
We encourage you to think creatively, the theme is a starting point to
ensure a range of contributors across the disciplines.

Keynote speakers: Professor Martin Kemp (University of Oxford), with
others to be announced shortly

To Apply

Please send 300 word abstract proposals (making clear whether you are
applying to present a 15 minute talk or a poster) to

Please also include a brief paragraph detailing where you study, what your
area of research is, what year you are in and so on.

Group presentations are welcome.

The deadline for applications is Friday 25th April.

For more information please contact or go on to
the conference website

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