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CEU - SU Ortak Akademik Girişimi için İkinci Başvuru Süreci

Published on 27.04.2014 00:21

SU - CEU Ortak Akademik Girişimi için ikinci başvuru süreci başlıyor. Detaylı bilgiler ve başvuru formları aşağıdadır.


SECOND Call for Applications - 2012

Sabancı University (SU) and Central European University (CEU) have announced a Joint Academic Initiative supported by their respected founders and benefactors, Güler Sabancı and George Soros. This is the second round of the CEU-SU Joint Academic Initiative. Conditions of this year's Call for Applications are limited to smaller-scale projects and to extra funding for ongoing CEU-SU projects. For details please download the Application Form and the Reporting Form from at the bottom of this page.

 Deadline for application is April 30, 2012. 

The CEU-SU Joint Academic Initiative aims to strengthen academic capacities at both institutions, to produce valuable academic results, as well as to foster mutually beneficent academic cooperation. The Initiative provides financial support to competitively selected cooperative research and education projects in academic areas strategically important for both universities. 

Among activities eligible for support are:

      1) Cooperative educational activities (e.g. student and faculty exchanges, joint development or teaching of courses, seminars and summer schools);

      2) Cooperative research projects aimed at producing original knowledge;

      3) Joint exploratory and planning activities such as exploratory workshops and meetings to develop joint ideas, research and education plans, etc. 


The range of topics include international relations theory, international law and organizations, foreign policy, globalization, human rights, international development, history of the Balkans, Ottoman Studies, conflict analysis and resolution, military/government affairs and nationalism, EU enlargement, economics, democratization, public policy analysis, the impact of environmental policy and climate change on international relations, feminist theory/gender studies and international political economy.

 Projects will  have a maximum duration of 24 months.

 For further information about the funding mechanisms, the application form and selection procedure, and the management and reporting circle, at sabancı University you may contact Mehmet Baç or Fuat Keyman.


2012-13 Call for Applications

2012-13 Application Form

2012-13 Reporting Form

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