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8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü: Anne Fausto- Sterling


8 Mart 2013, Cuma

Sabancı University; Minerva Palas

Saat: 17.00

"Nature vs. Nurture: How Feminists Think about Gender Differences" /  "Doğa mı Kültür mü? Feministler Toplumsal Cinsiyet Farklarını Nasıl Tartışıyor?"

*Konuşmada simültane tercüme olacaktır.

* Abstract: In the 1970’s American feminists developed the concept of gender as a political and cultural category distinct from sex. This linguistic move served an important political function, and it still does today. But it has also been necessary to reexamine the category of sex, which seemed unambiguous in the 1970s but today appears to be more complicated. In the talk I will offer a bit of the history of sex v gender,  explain why it works less well today, and suggest ways to break out of the dilemma.



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