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CULT Speaker Series - Hande Eslen Ziya


This talk, by focusing on the three recent research conducted on gender hierarchies in academia and the edited book Populism and Science in Europe; will discuss the problems that hamper academic women’s career trajectories, perceptions of hierarchy in the workplace, and the gendered consequences of the pandemic in academia. The talk will also focus on the attacks to academia in general and to certain types of science from outside and elaborate its consequences on already vulnerable groups in academia.

Hande Eslen-Ziya is Professor of Sociology at the University of Stavanger and director of the Populism, Anti-Gender, and Democracy Research Group at the same institution. She has an established interest in gender and social inequalities, transnational organizations, and social activism. She recently co-edited Populism and Science in Europe (2022, Palgrave Macmillan).

Meeting ID: 94974270412

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